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I wanted to share news of what I consider to be a highly worthy cause: the Men’s Wearhouse is holding a National Suit Drive campaign – “dedicated to empowering unemployed men by providing them with professional work attire that will build their self-esteem and make a good first impression during job interviews.”  From September 1 – October 31, people nationwide may donate their gently used suits, sport coats, slacks, dress shirts, ties and belts to help other men re-enter the workforce and take back control of their lives.  MW will gather and distribute clothing to more than 120 local and regional non-profit organizations in cities across the country.

To learn more, visit their site.

When most of us are looking for employment, we dig back in our closets and/or purchase new suit gear which is still the standard conservative, confidence-exuding attire necessary to make a good impression in the corporate and even non-profit worlds.  This is obviously not so easy for people already out of work and/or with limited funds.  Isn’t it a sadly ironic that the we attempt to display ourselves as financially successful when we’re seeking employment (i.e. to get paid)??